Friday, July 11, 2008

Fourth of July - Poe Family "Get-Together"

Last weekend was the time for reunions, I guess, because two different families that are related to mine came in from Michigan for the 4th - for reunions that were not for the Poe family. My Dad and his brothers and sister got together for dinner and visiting on Friday, and some of my cousins, too. It was a rare occurrence, so we really enjoyed the opportunity. In fact, there were 21 of us, though it would have been nice to have everyone there - which would include about 50+ more relatives all descending from my Grandma and Grandpa Poe, who have been gone since 1998 and 1976. Too many of my Dad's immediate family members left this life prematurely, including his oldest sister and her husband and three of their young children, an older brother and two of his sons, and a younger brother. I wish that we'd had more time with them, some of whom I never had the chance to meet. However, I'm blessed to know that families can be together forever. We have work to do!
(I'll be on a trip to Iowa for the next week, so I'll update after that.)