Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mallory - 1st Day Back to Preschool

Last week, Mallory started back at her Montessori preschool. She was very excited and it's been nice for me, too. :) Bethany started soccer practices a couple of weeks ago, and piano started back up. We are definitely busy again after our relaxing summer.

After her first day......
I had to make her pose for this one to compare to last year. This is what motivated her to pose for above photo....

Ready for practice....


Yesterday I had another ultrasound to check on the position of baby's placenta. I was pretty worried because I could tell the baby was resting its head against the placenta and was head down. The ultrasound tech did an internal ultrasound, too, to get more exact measurements from cervix to placenta. Just as I was telling Brad that I thought it was still too low, the doctor walked in and said, "you're good. we're out of the danger zone. now, it will keep growing higher." I told her I noticed it was still low, but she explained that the measurement for too close is 1.5 cm and mine was now 1.8 cm which was good. So, .3 cm seems pretty tiny to me, but I don't know what my measurement was last time, so as long as it had grown away from the cervix at all that is good news. Can you say 'relief'? I felt so much relief. When I looked at Brad I could tell that he did, too. Prayers have been answered. I'm now looking forward to hopefully a non-csection birth, but you know how labor is.....unpredictable. I'll just focus on trusting in my Heavenly Father and His plan for baby and me.

*Also, I'm getting super excited to squeeze this baby.....I could tell from the last ultrasound to this one that his/her cheeks were fuller and it kept playing with its hands and feet and moving its mouth. It's so fun to watch your baby's face and movements (that I could feel while I watched) made me feel even more connected to our little bundle.

*oh, yeah.....under 100 days now!! Wootwoot!