Monday, November 29, 2010


So, no baby yet....even though I had regular contractions for about 12-14 hours yesterday. 12 min apart, then 10 min apart and even up to 5 min apart during the wee morning hours. But, they never got intense, so no baby yet. :) The experience definitely got Brad and I inspired, though, to finish a few things up and get even more prepared. It really could be anytime now, and it's so exciting. Contractions are coming, Christmas shopping is pretty much finished, baby's room is set up, and only a few baby items need to be brought up from the basement and cleaned. I'll let you know when baby comes.....yippeee!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's time to blog.....

I feel like blogging, so I'd better take advantage of that while I have a little time. Some things going on here lately....

  • I was homeroom mom for Bethany's party on Friday, so I planned crafts and a game for the kids as well as state guideline approved snacks. You'd think that since I taught elementary school, it'd be no big deal, but I am so NOT creative. I asked a friend for some ideas, and ended up doing spider hands and foot ghosts with the kids. (tracing, cutting out, and gluing googly eyes.) By the time they finished these, and ate their snacks (pre-packaged apple slices, 100 cal pack fudge drizzled choc. chip cookies, and frozen yogurt) we ran out of time for the game. No biggie.
  • I finished writing the primary presentation parts, so we start practicing this week. I'm excited to see the kids prepare and share what they've learned this year. Especially the songs, that's my favorite part.
  • We had the Forest Festival in early October which is always lots of fun with the kids. It was especially fun because my nephew, Jaxson got to enjoy it with us. He stayed with us for about 6 days because his baby brother was in the hospital. That was scary for everyone, and the doctors finally determined that Ranger has severe reflux and that causes his apnea, which is why he was turning blue. (all of this after a bout of pertussis - whooping cough) Poor baby, and his poor, exhausted parents, spent around 4 weeks in the hospital.
  • Soccer games finished up. Whew. Onto basketball soon....
  • My dad had a heart catheterization (sp?) in early Oct., as well, and some blockage was found in one of his arteries. So, he had a stint put in and has been monitored by an external defibrillator since then. This has been scary for all of us, and Dad is now focused on his health. But, the blessing here is that the problem was discovered in the first place, before a heart attack. The Lord was watching out for him when an irregular heartbeat was discovered before his colonoscopy. I love my dad, and I'm so grateful that he has received good medical care.
  • Around the same time, I was going through my 2nd gestational diabetes test. You know, the 3 hr, 4 blood draws yucky one. I failed it. Oh, what a bummer. So, since then I've been super strict with my diet, and the doctor said I'm doing well controlling it with diet and exercise. 4 glucose tests per day, exercising 3 times per day, and planning meals and snacks very carefully.... for less than 6 weeks more, hopefully. When baby is born, it should go away. I was really stressed for a while about it, but now it's just the way it is. My chances for diabetes later in life increases, which was already a risk for me anyway. So, making healthy life changes is even more important now. I can do it.
  • I've started Christmas shopping. I need to get things done super early this year with the baby due on Dec. 14. I'm sure the last few weeks, I'll be too exhausted for shopping. So, my sisters and mom and I are off to Pennsylvania this weekend for some 0% clothing tax shopping.
  • I'm soooo excited to meet my baby and have a newborn in our home again. People ask if I'm ready, or tired of being pregnant. I'm ready, but not in any hurry. I enjoy pregnancy..feeling the baby move and grow, being a part of the miracle of procreation, being responsible for another precious life. I love it so much. I've been telling the girls all along that baby will come after Thanksgiving but before Christmas, and that time is almost here. I can't believe it.
  • A sweet, kind man in my home ward passed away unexpectedly this week. I've known him forever. His family was part of our small ward, and everyone knew each other very well. It's so sad to think of what his wife, kids, and grand kids are going through. He was too young, too full of life.....yet he knew what was most important. He attended the temple regularly, he served people all the time, he smiled and focused on taking care of his family. While it is incredibly sad, I am so glad that he was spiritually preparing for all of these years. Having a knowledge of eternal families and of Heavenly Father's plan gives so much comfort. I pray that his family will feel that comfort as they grieve.