Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I just re-read my post and was reminded of how our Mountaineers bombed out in their first game of the tourney. We were all very disappointed around here, but when you don't play well - you lose, right? In a strange way I was just contemplating that last statement and it kind of relates to my personal life. "Play well" corresponds with me being a good wife and mother --- not always easy. Very recently, I got a bit too emotional about a thing that happened which led to lots of not-so-fun feelings. Am I the only one who does that sometimes? So, I end up feeling sad, tired, hurt, etc. which really only results in me "losing"....losing my clear head, losing my calm comfort from the Spirit, losing opportunities to bond with and serve my family, and losing my sense of self-worth. I hate when I do that to myself! I am a daughter of God, which means I have a divine nature. Why do I sometimes pull myself down, or rather allow Satan to lead me to do so? Luckily, it didn't last too long.....well, not "luckily" because I prayed and studied the prophet's words and was blessed with peaceful feelings. I am so thankful for the knowledge that doing so will bring me closer to Him.

(I hope you don't mind me being so honest in my posts. I share what I do with my blog friends because doing so brings me peace and feelings of friendship. I'll try to have some more upbeat posts in the near future. :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm looking forward to.....

1.) A new year, according to my birthdate, to work on me.
2.) My 32nd birthday - okay, not really thrilled to be aging, but 32 is better than 72, right?
( What has happened to my youthful skin? The mirror is unfriendly some days, you know?)
3.) My new computer that is being ordered as I write this post...via Dell Chat, which is
so convenient!
4.) Working out with the luxury of on-site child care.
5.) Spring!
6.) March Madness...sort of, mostly just to see what the Mountaineers do in the tournament.
7.) T-Ball, it should be very entertaining and yet boring at the same time. :)
8.) General and Stake conferences.
9.) My trip to the temple with my sister next weekend. ( and many more in the future
because she is a temple worker now and I can ride with her. :)
10.) Getting more painting done in my house....notice I said "done", not "doing". :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quick BBall update...

We got the go-ahead from the YMCA to start a program there next year for 5-8 year olds, and we're so excited! We get a chance to work with the community and teach kids about basketball, too. Brad will be the director and of course I'll be helping with advertising and scheduling and phone calls and basically - organizing his management of the program. :) He is capable, but I have more time on my hands for stuff like that. Brad's dad is going to help with refereeing and such, and he'll give us advice because he spent lots of time many years ago doing basketball camps and workshops at the Y - as well as lots of coaching in the Jerry West league. (9-12 year olds) So, along with all of this basketball excitement we will be joining the YMCA as members and that should mean that I get to work out....finally! They recently added child care which was non-existent at the gyms around here. I'm trying to believe in myself....that I WILL work out regularly and get healthier - and happier with myself as a result!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Check this out....

My friend, Deana, emailed me this article posted on the LDS Newsroom site. It is a wonderfully written response to what I blogged about last Friday....acknowledging our feelings and yet reassuring us that all is well. I LOVE our church!! Check out the article by clicking here.

Walking, Washing, and WalMart

Yesterday was a good day! This is so unlike the current me, but I woke up and as Mallory was eating breakfast I washed the dishes.....I didn't procrastinate, but did it right away - first thing in the morning. We spent some time doing laundry and watching PBS Kids, and then I did another unexpected thing. I got Mallory and the diaper bag ready, put her in the stroller and started walking around town completing errands. We walked to the post office to mail bills and a very late birthday card, the line was very long so we decided to come back later to buy stamps. Then, we walked to the chiropractor's office where we spent about 40 minutes of our time. We then walked back over to the post office and bought some Forever stamps because postage is going up in May. Our next move was kind of wild, but we then walked all the way across town to City Hall to pay the water bill. By the time we got home we didn't need our jackets anymore, and Mallory was happily licking her Tootsie Pop that the city clerks had given her. ( She had also collected a sticker and cup of water from the chiropractor's office.) I LOVE that this town has sidewalks! For FHE, we talked about safety and what to do if we get separted in a store. A field trip to WalMart was in order...we did a little role play where Bethany didn't listen to me say "come on" and stayed in the aisle looking at princess things while I moved on. We told her to yell for me, first Mommy! then Mandy!, and if she didn't find me right away to find a WalMart worker or a Mommy with kids. ( and because Mallory was with her - to hold her hand and take her along.....I can't imagine ever walking away from both of my kids, but strange things can happen.) We took her around the store and had her point out people who would be safe to approach if she got separated from me, and who might not be a safe choice. (discreetly, of course.) I hope we never have to test it out, but you never know. That was my Monday!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ok, I'm ticked....

I've been thinking about this for a few days now, and after talking to my sister -Heather- about it, I'm going to follow her suggestion and blog about it. I started receiving TV Guide out of the blue a while back, I think because Dish network gifted it to us for six months or something. I got my copy for next week on Monday and started to flip through it from back to front for some silly reason. I saw something that caught my attention and flipped back to it.....there on the page of a national magazine is a woman/actress wearing an exact replica of what I wear in the temple!!! I was horrified, shocked, and hurt.....a television show, Big Love on HBO, has decided to incorporate into its story line one of the wives in the temple, and she has been called to an "excommunication hearing". The producers seem proud of their "research", even hiring an "ex-Mormon consultant" to "help the set and wardrobe designers re-create even the tiniest details." It goes on to say, "We go into the endowment room and celestial room [areas of the temple], and we present what happens in those ceremonies. That's never been shown on television before." (the exec. producer's quote) Can you even believe this? I was in tears and had to go up to my room, kneel and pray for peace and comfort. Most of you reading my blog are members of my faith and probably understand why I felt this way. I'm in tears again just recalling this and blogging about it. HOW can people be so offensive? Why, for the sake of attention and money and television, would people willingly spit upon what is so sacred to me and millions of others? TV Guide goes on to say "The decision won't be without controversy: According to a church insider, 'If they are in fact trying to emulate those rooms in any way, that would be extremely offensive. The general public is not allowed in our temples yet. Not even all Mormons are. We consider them very, very sacred.' Heaven help us." I don't even know how to take that last statement. I am pleased, though, that the "church insider" chose to speak in a calm and respecful manner about this. I feel anger towards all people involved in this television show. I don't subscribe to HBO and before this show aired I signed online petitions against the offensiveness of it. I didn't even know it was still on the air, but now I see how intertwined Satan is with television, Hollywood, entertainment - more than I ever have before. I'm sure this is one of those things the prophet would tell us to just turn the other cheek to, but I don't know. What more can I do but pray that I can feel peace and that others will be inspired to not view the abomination called "Big Love"? I don't blog about this to start an uproar or to inflict any of the same feelings I have had on any of you.....but I couldn't ignore it either.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My new camera!

I finally bought a new camera - thank you tax return! It is still a simple style, but my old camera was purchased when Bethany was a baby and is a 5 mp and this one is 12 mp. These are some of the only photos I've ever taken of Mallory where you can see the color of her eyes. I love them! Most of my old ones had red-eye or were just blurry. So, I'll be playing with it and taking better pictures, hopefully. The pictures above are just some of the ones taken on my new camera.

*Check out all of the new posts below! I took a month-long break from blogging, so I'm catching up.



Going for the rebound.....mama is gonna teach her to box out. :)

When Bethany is on the bench, Mallory joins her for some Gatorade.

For the past couple of years, Bethany has been asking to play basketball, and this is the first year she has been old enough. There is a program here called Upward. The kindergarten students have their own division and there ended up being only two teams, so they play each other each week. She loves it - especially because she has been having special practice sessions with Daddy, and sometimes Mommy. She has come pretty far in a short time with dribbling, passing, and understanding the rules. Upper body strength is an area that needs some work so that she can shoot better, but she still tries. Unfortunately, the facility that operates this program is a church that is anti-Mormon and refuses to let anyone from our church coach. They say we're not Christian. We decided to let her play anyway, and hopefully our family can prove through our actions, attitude, and sportsmanship that we most definitely are Christian. We have decided that we are going to go to the local YMCA with several other parents and ask to restart the league that used to operate there. We'll even be in charge if no one else wants to be. Our main reason for this is not because of the prejudice we've experienced (along with a few other families from our ward), but because we strongly disagree with their basketball philosophy regarding young children and that this league is too expensive for many families ($55 per kid + $12 for game shorts). They assign members of their congregation to coach who don't understand basketball, in many cases, and then when the children show up on gameday they are thrown out there to just wing it....with no coaching of skills, fundamentals, or basketball rules. Their facilities are unavailable for practice to her age group. We feel like her age group needs mostly practices, rather than just games. So, maybe by next year we'll have another option available to the local kids.

More Yoga poses...

Cat Pose #1

Cat Pose #2

I don't remember this was leading up to another pose.

Birthday Gift in Action

Down Dog Pose

Triangle Pose

Warrior Pose

Stork Pose

Mountain Pose

When we get yoga mats out, Mallory is a little perturbed that she doesn't have one. Her big sister told her she would share, but Mal's attention span lasts for about 2 poses and then she bumps into us while we do them. She thinks that is funny.

Cautiously Commenting.....

I know I've made clear to just about everyone I know that I don't mind winter.....that, in fact, I love all seasons and have enjoyed the snow. I've even been frustrated with the complaining of others because, after all, we do live in West Virginia - the mountains, actually- so ,of course, we'll have snow and cold temperatures. Lately, however, I've cautiously mentioned that I do look forward to spring. That's not complaining, right? I don't want to be a hypocrite, but I am so tired of cold and spring teasers. It gets warm for a few days, or the sun is beautiful and makes you think it's going to feel wonderful outside and then your nose burns from the cold when you step outside. Spring, spring....please come soon! March is here, and I'm ready!