Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Yesterday morning, we danced our hearts out to The Little Mermaid & Friends music. Bethany and Mallory had so much fun, and I took picture after picture, hoping for a few good ones. I decided that they don't have to be great because they tell a story about a memorable day that I had with my girls.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just an update...

We've had snow everyday this week, but not enough to keep us in the house. It's great! It seems like it starts melting as soon as we get time to just go out and play, though. Kindergarten registration was Tuesday, and Bethany scored a 100%, whatever that means. I don't know what they asked of her because I was stuck filling out papers the whole time we were there. She is excited, though, and saw at least four of her preschool friends there, too. So, with only 2 kindergarten classes, I'm sure she'll have at least one friend with her. Last Thursday, Brad and I went to a WVU men's basketball game, where they beat Rutgers. Then, the girls and I went with my family to the WVU women's game on Saturday. They were ranked 11th in the nation until that game, because they ended up losing. It was fun, though, and Bethany and Mallory really seemed to enjoy it. I should have taken pictures of these events, I know. I'm just not in the habit. Hope all of you are doing well. Have a great weekend! (We'll be in Winchester, VA for a basketball tournament that Brad is playing in, and visiting with friends we haven't seen in years.)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This is what happens when I try to capture a moment on camera...

1. Mallory had stepped on Bethany's toes, trying to get away from her.
2. Anytime I get out a camera, Mallory tries to come and grab it.
3. Cute 1st time pigtails, but she doesn't want me to have a memory of it.
(sniff, sniff)

"Um, Mom--- look at Mallory!"

I hear those words a lot these days! "Mom, Mallory got your makeup!" "Mom, Mallory is putting wet paper on my bed!" That one ended up being toilet paper out of the toilet because Bethany left the seat up and forgot to flush. Gross, yeah, I know. Well, I tried to capture the makeup mayhem on camera, but my camera is pretty crappy, so I couldn't get it to show very well. She was basically eating my blush, so it was all around her mouth and chin, on her clothes and shoes, and all over the floor around her. She was enjoying herself, as you can see. That was the same day we experimented with her hair, hence the pig tails and hair clips. It was fun... I learned to keep better track of the makeup, lectured Bethany about her potty responsibilities, and got to play hairdresser to both of my girls for the first time (Bethany wanted hers done the same way).....all in one day!

The talk...

The talk went well. Thanks, Amber, for that tidbit of wise advice from your mom. I actually mentioned it and her during my talk. I felt good about how it all came together, and the other two talks given after mine focused on different aspects of love, so we didn't double up on the same scriptures, etc. That's always a plus. I love when a talk or assignment settles into your heart and mind, and this one has for me. I'm more aware of how I love my family and those around me, and our family home evening last night was about how we're going to help each other use kind, soft, loving words with one another. ( And that when we're upset or frustrated we'll lovingly remind each other to do so.) We'll see how that goes this week.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I was feeling guilty all day because I haven't made any headway on my talk or lessons for this Sunday, so tonight I got online and read a few articles written by Pres. Monson and Pres. Hinckley about LOVE. Each one seemed to speak to me. Not because I didn't already know and understand the concepts, but because I needed to be reminded that I'm just not where I need to be. No more excuses for not being adjusted to my new area and ward and lack of friends......I need to be serving more - and better!!! Love comes from service, just as service comes from love. And, as I read in another article tonight, " Love is the driving force behind faith." Who couldn't use more faith and love in their lives?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pantene's Program

I ended up sending our ponytails to Pantene Beautiful Lengths instead of Locks of Love. Pantene only requires 8 inches, which is how much we cut off of Bethany's hair, and did you know that money is donated from every Pantene purchase to their campaign to help women fight cancer? I think I may become a Pantene customer.

Monday, February 4, 2008


My friend Melissa tagged me in a game of blog-tag, so here it is.

10 years ago...
I was engaged to be married and I was finishing up my junior year -- of college. No, I was not in high school like my younger friends who've already done this. (You girls make me feel old. ) I had transferred that year to Fairmont State College ( now a university) from West Virginia Wesleyan College. I had already moved past that fun part of college....you know, the parties, sorority, and eventful social life. I wasn't thrilled about going to school at FSC because I loved Wesleyan. I transferred to save money and because I could live at home before I got married that year, plus it was a good school for teachers. I commuted 45 minutes to go to classes and never hung around for anything else. Brad was nearby at WVU, and we spent all of our time together unless I was working at the WVU Hospitals Child Development Center, or we were in classes. I attended a student branch for the first time, and spent time with my brother, Daniel, and sisters, Heather and Shannon, who were all in college at the same time I was. I think my callings at church that year were Primary President (for one child) and Relief Society Music Leader and teacher.

5 Things on my ToDo list today.....

1 Laundry
2 Help Bethany work on some birthday thank-you notes
3 Plan Family Home Evening for tonight. It's my turn to do the lesson. :)
4 Start planning my talk for this Sunday, and my primary lesson, and Sharing time, and singing time......aaaaaaahhh!
5 Refill shampoo bottles and face soap bottle for shower (thrilling, I know.)

5 Snacks I Enjoy

1 Cinnamon Raisin toast
2 Hot chocolate with real marshmallows (not the can't-even-see-them-they're-so-tiny ones)
3 Raisinets
4 Popcorn
5 Multi-Grain Wheat Thins

5 Places I've Lived

1 Hope Mills and Fayetteville, North Carolina (5 different houses in just that area!)
2 Morgantown, West Virginia (the first three years of our marriage)
3 Buckhannon, West Virginia (during 2 yrs of college)
4 Elkins, West Virginia (for 6 months so far...)
5 Arthurdale, West Virginia (for 21 years of my life)

5 Jobs I've Had

1 Dairy Queen and Captain D's (the fastfood years)
2 Softball Team Workstudy at Wesleyan
3 DayCare worker for WVU Hospital employees' children
4 Substitute Teacher for grades K-8 (only did a half day with middle school - NIGHTMARE!)
5 4th and 5th grade teacher at Gallberry Farm Elementary School- Hope Mills, NC

5 Things People Probably Don't Know About Me

1 I sang Wilson Phillips songs with two of my friends in junior high, all the time! (even in a talent show....it was awful.)
2 I didn't make the school softball team (which broke my heart- I'm the least talented of a family of athletes), so I traveled with the baseball team, which my brother and friends played on, and kept the scorebook. It was so much more fun than playing softball on the school team would have been, and what a view! (Baseball players are too cute!) ;)
3 I played the french horn for years (I know, Heather....HORN, not french horn.) I guess I was good at it, but grew tired of it when they expected me to practice for hours a day in college.
4 My middle name is Donise. (I know, you've never heard of it. My students couldn't guess it for the two years I had them in class, and they even had the first letter and the total number of letters- not even for the promised prize of a Happy Meal.)
5 I have perfect pitch, according to all the musical authorities I've dealt with over the years. For me, it means I can hear every note that is even the slightest bit off key, especially my own, and I can remember the starting note, and key, of songs I'm familiar with. (Lots of people would have done more with this gift than I have, I know.)

Okay, so I have to tag three people, but I don't know if three people read my blog who haven't already done this. So, if you read this, have a blog, and haven't already done this.....you're tagged!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Locks of Love

I've been saying for months that I need to cut my hair, and I have accumulated enough of it that I wanted to donate to Locks of Love again. Finally, I couldn't take the mane any longer, so I made an appointment for Bethany and I to get haircuts today. I had mentioned to her a while ago that there are people who get really sick and lose their hair, and that we can cut ours and give it to them which will make them feel happy. She was a little freaked out about that. So, today when I mentioned it, I expected the same reaction, but when I said that our hair would grow back after a while, she said, "ok, mommy, let's do that...let's give our hair to the sick kids." She watched me get mine cut first, then without even the slightest hesitation, she climbed up on a stool and got hers cut. She smiled afterwards, and we both feel a lot lighter! And, just so you know, I really did NOT pressure her....I told her she could just get it trimmed a little bit. She knew it was her choice. In fact, I almost backed out....cutting her hair that much was a big deal for me. All of her "beach hair" is gone now......the blond part from living in North Carolina and being in the sun so much. But, like I told her, it will grow back. Hopefully, somebody will enjoy our donation. I'm posting her picture (before and after), but not mine. My excuse will be that Bethany doesn't know how to operate my camera. ;)

Mommy Milestones

My firstborn, my baby girl, turned five yesterday! I can't believe it. On Wednesday, I kept thinking of how labor started that day, five years earlier, and remembering each stage of her entrance into the world. Now, I have to accept the fact that she will soon be leaving the nest....for kindergarten. Somebody else will enjoy my sweetheart for most of the day, five days a week. It's just unfair. Should I go back to teaching just to be her teacher? Nah, I'm not that upset. (heehee) Besides, Mallory still needs me, right? I know...I'm overdramatizing the situation, but I must admit I've dreaded the day that my kids have to start school ever since Bethany was born because they're gone after that, aren't they? First, it's kindergarten, then soon it'll be the most dreadful part of the educational experience - middle school, then high school....then college, marriage, babies....AAAAAHHHHHHH! I must say, though, that Bethany seemed the most excited I've ever seen her. She smiled all day, she announced as often as she could that she was "the birthday girl", and you should have seen her at her party with the Elkins crowd. She, more than once, announced to everyone that she was glad they came to her party..."because I'm the birthday girl, and this is my party, and I'm so glad you came." Then, later,"everybody, quiet - please! My daddy said that after you eat ALL of your food, we can have my birthday cake, and if you ask me- you can have one of the hearts." You see, she specified that her cake should have her name on it, and some hearts....five hearts. What a delightful day! I only wish I'd had the video camera on each time she had an announcement for her party guests.
(The pictures above include Bethany with her made-to-order cake, the excited birthday girl getting ready to go to preschool ...notice the five fingers in the air, and Bethany dressed in some of her birthday loot ...tiara, earrings and lipgloss.)