Monday, December 15, 2008

The Flu

So, it's bad when you're so sick that you wish you were giving birth rather than being sick...AGAIN! I know, when you give birth there is a miracle at the end of the pain, so of course that must be better than being sick. But, seriously, as I knelt on the bathroom floor late last night.....I couldn't help but cry and think about how much better it would feel to be pushing out a baby! Crazy, I know. I started feeling nauseous before church yesterday, but I couldn't stay home because I was handling primary by myself because the other lady who does it with me was out of town. So, I felt yucky and queasy and hot and cold, but I made it through church before the full-blown flu/virus hit me. My body was so violent to hated me yesterday. But, even though I haven't eaten anything for a couple of days now, I am feeling better. The worst thing left is the soreness in my back and ribs from being sick and hurts to laugh or even lay down. I'm going to try and eat some soup and jello this evening while my family gets to eat real food. And, I'm praying that my kids and husband don't get this because it was brutal. Ok, I'm done complaining.....the positive thing is that I had a priesthood blessing yesterday evening and I know it made a difference. I'm so blessed to have the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Things I'm thinking about....

* I saw the Twilight movie tonight, all by myself, and I liked it. Some of you may think going to a movie by yourself is weird, but it is strangely empowering. Someone told me a while back that I needed to try it -to be comfortable just being with myself. I liked it.

* I have a new goal to get into a routine/schedule. I've been floating through my days for too long. Wish me luck!

*My quads are killing me! A friend of Brad's has been putting us through workouts the past couple of nights after the kids are asleep, and my body has not been properly exercised in so long....I'm feeling it. Again, wish me luck! I SO need to get healthier.

* How can a tiny 2 yr old be so exhausting?? I'm having new mothering experiences everyday right now. It's a good thing she's so darned cute. ;)

* I love and miss my friends. One thing about Facebook and blogging and all that is that I get to feel like I have my friends right here with me sometimes, and then I remember that they aren't here. Kinda sad, but I'm so grateful for the contact. It's so rewarding to catch up with high school friends, college friends, friends from different churches I've attended, and family, too. I'm really thankful for these technological advances. Internet and DVR....two of the best inventions ever!!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I am ashamed......sort of ;-)

I haven't cooked, barely cleaned, slept little, ignored my boxes of Christmas decorations, mothered at less than my best, and been a neglectful and distracted wife this week. Why? Because I finally picked up the Twilight books that everyone has been raving about. Once I started, I couldn't stop. I finished Twilight Sunday night, spent all day Monday trying to find a copy of New Moon (brad tried, too) and finally located a copy to borrow. I finished it on Tuesday night, and my hubby bought Eclipse that day, so I started it Wednesday and finished it on Thursday morning. I had to wait until Thursday evening to start Breaking Dawn because Brad was not coming home until really late that night. I drove with the girls to meet him for dinner, and he playfully accused me of only coming to see him to get the book. I have to admit, it was half of my motivation, but I did want to see him and for him to see the kids. I waited until I got the kids to bed that night, which took great restraint, and then read for 4-5 hours straight. I had no idea how long I'd been sitting there. I took some breaks on Friday, wanting to stretch it out longer, and today I finished it. I loved the finish to the story, but I'm gonna miss it, too. What interesting characters and great writing! There is just some kind of therapeutic release that comes with reading a good book, taking you into another world. Now, I need to get series.