Monday, February 2, 2009

This is what Mallory did during the party.....

Mallory had fun playing peek-a-boo with this gift bag. She enjoyed B's birthday very much because of all the fun grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who were there giving her attention, too. It's such a blessing to be within driving distance of so many family members.

Happy Birthday, Bethany KayAnn!

Isn't this pretty? My sister-in-law, Elizabeth, offered to make it for Bethany's birthday. It was so nice of her....and so great that they aren't in Arizona anymore so that we can see them on special occasions like birthdays, now. :)

No problem blowing the candles out this year! Bethany wanted six candles AND the number 6 candle on her cake.......hey, it's her cake, right?

The yoga mat is the only thing she asked for.....and my mom and dad got it for her. I guess she'll help me do my yoga more often due to her enthusiasm for it. :)

Above, Bethany is demonstrating a yoga move as requested by her guests.
Saturday was a wonderful day! I found myself wondering about it that night, and I think it's because not only was it Bethany's 6th birthday, but it was Saturday. We had the whole day to celebrate however we wanted to and Brad took the day off. Can't birthdays always be on Saturdays? I wish. My sister, Heather, visited and spent Friday night with us. It was so nice to have her here that morning....she fixed pancakes and played with the kids while I did the many things I'd procrastinated to get ready for birthday fun. (thanks, sis!) Bethany was so excited and a real sweetheart all day long. We went out to lunch at McDonalds with my whole family, minus my sister Shannon in Iowa :(, at Bethany's request. The WVU basketball game was on TV before and after lunch which most of the family was enjoying, and then party time was at 2:30. Bethany invited our family and a few grown-up friends, too. It was a full house! (We told her we'd try the school-friend party thing next year.) More than one person remarked at the difference between a little girl opening presents and a little boy....she took her time, for sure, and so delicately removed the wrapping paper! It looks like Christmas all over again in her room! She is a very loved little girl, and somewhat spoiled, too. ;)
It was just such a wonderful, celebrating my child, happiness, and fun!