Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Attempted photo sessions.....

So many of you out there can get such amazing pictures when you ask your children to pose....I have to settle for silly or un-natural or eventually tears because they don't want to try anymore. They are so darned cute, but I have such a difficult time getting them to be cute at the same time........Sigh.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

4th Birthday - Mallory

Mallory turned 4 last month, and we celebrated at the park with family. Two days before her birthday she informed me that she wanted a Dora cake. Well, I wasn't up to finding a cake pan and doing it myself, so for the first time ever I ordered a birthday cake. It was yummy, and I still made cupcakes to make sure we had enough for everyone. She had a good time, and is very excited to be four. Below is a picture of her with Bethany and their 2nd cousin, Tyler.

Mallory at 4......
  • She uses her dimples in her "I'm so cute" way to try and persuade people to do what she wants. She has this beautiful smile, and she knows it. She likes to say, "pretty please with a cherry on top." We're in trouble, I think.
  • She finally is moving out of her crib, which she has loved sleeping in, and is going to share a room with big sister and new bunk beds. (this transition has been pretty smooth...whew.) She even got to pick out her big girl bedding which has purple trim and butterflies, flowers, etc. Very cute.
  • Mal loves TV, movies, talking to my parents on the phone, using the mini-vacuum, climbing all over her daddy, eating and running. If she goes outside, she wants to run up and down our sidewalk over and over again.
  • Mallory has quite the stubborn streak. Sometimes I don't think there is any consequence that could motivate her to just give in and do what we want her to do. Oy!
  • As ornery as she can be sometimes, Mallory can also be a very snuggly little girl. I love it when she crawls up next to me, or when she rubs her face all over mine.
  • Mallory is so excited about the baby that is coming, but does not want to feel it move. She laid her face on my belly once and it moved, which kind of freaked her out. But, she is constantly wanting to see my bare tummy which then makes her giggle.
  • Playing dress up and ballroom dancing with Bethany is one of her favorite activities...also, shoe fashion shows with dramatic modeling.
  • Mal can sing most of the songs on the "glee" soundtrack, and calls #1 "Don't Stop Believing" " my song".
  • In Primary, she sits in the front row and sings her little heart out....when she wants to. She has made tears come to my eyes as I lead the music and hear her sing every word of "I Know My Savior Loves Me."