Saturday, August 27, 2011


Those who knew me as a girl know that I wasn't exactly girly. My sisters and I were probably described as tomboys, though I was a little less tomboy than they were. :) I didn't get into girly stuff until I was a teenager, but even then I don't think I ever really painted my nails unless it was for a prom or something like that. My daughter wanted me to paint her nails when she was less than 2 years old. She would sit still and let me do a french pedicure on her tiny toes. For the past month or more she's been asking me to do "french tips" on her toes, so we finally got it done for the beginning of school. I took these pictures of Bethany because I thought that on this day she really was showing her blended interests. Take notice of these details:

baptism bracelet on wrist (I thought it was cute that she added jewelry to her outfit :)

blue painted fingernails (a contrast to her toes)

Nike tshirt and shorts (because they're comfy and sporty)

long hair, worn down (which she prefers to up/fixed)

and of course, she's reading which is something she really enjoys

(not pictured -- her pink and black Nike flip flops which completed her ensemble :)

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Bonna Keckley said...

so wish i had a little girl to paint her nails/toenails! i'll have to settle for my nieces!