Friday, June 27, 2008

Daddy/Daughter Day!

I went to KMart to get one golf club for Bethany the other night....a real golf club, not the plastic set she's been carting off to the driving range. I get to the golf aisle, and I see this box with a picture of a pink and black golf bag, with pink and black golf clubs (4 of them), and a poofy cover for the driver. So, what do I do? Call Brad and say, "they've got this absolutely adorable set of golf clubs here that is perfect for Bethany, and it's pink, and it's a better price than getting one club at a time, and it'll fit her until she's 5 feet tall! Can I get it? It's got a sweet driver, 2 irons (5/6 and 9/w) and a cool looking putter. She can probably use this until 6th grade. What do you think?" He says, "How much?" I proceed to tell him about this bargain price, and he says "ok". So, I get her a brush to clean her clubs, because she gets upset if her sports equipment is dirty or muddy. ( You should have seen her reaction the first time her soccer ball went through a mud puddle.) And I get her practice balls, and a set of balls and tees, etc. We were so excited for her to see all this the next morning because she was going to go "real golfing" with Daddy and Grandpa Ralph. As we imagined, she was thrilled. I went to the course at around the time I thought they'd be finishing their 9 holes, hung out around hole nine with Mallory, and then they came riding up in the cart waving and said,"we did hole 9 before 8 because it was so busy over there." Aw, shucks! I missed any action shots, but insisted on a couple of cart shots and landscapes. Bethany told me she really liked the "miniature golf part", "you know, Mom, where it's flat and real green....where I'm not supposed to talk if Daddy is getting ready to swing." Heehee! Brad said that was the hardest part for her....not distracting the men when they were mid-swing. It was a day that will be remembered by Daddy and Daughter forever!

*Notice the view from this course. I think this is the thing I love most about being here....breathtaking views from just everyday places. You should see the view behind the strip mall where we go to the movies. I'll take my camera over there someday. I'll never take the beauty of the earth for granted feels so therapeutic and relaxing to just look around and enjoy the old Appalachian Mountains.


Shannon said...

Hey, we can play mini golf when you guys come! We have a little course here at camp. Oh, and I was thinking we could tie dye some shirt, too! What sizes do the girls wear? I'll pick up some white t-shirts for them so you don't have to bring them.

deana said...

What a great time for Bethany.Maybe she will go pro! I view is breath taking. I do love the mountains. I hope that we can go as a family soon.Love and miss ya!

Bonna Keckley said...

I'd love to see a picture of Bethany with her new golf set! It sounds adorable. Also, where is that golf course at, it's so beautiful there!