Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Grown-up Decision Time

So, just thought I should update. I don't really have any photos, so forgive me. We have been in the depths of another grown-up decision time of life. With Bethany starting school in the fall, we've been trying to make a firm decision about a house and school district, and not only do we need to decide that, but also between two different places to live. Here, where we are now, or about 50 miles away in another city. Two different places with different pros and cons. AAAAAHHHHH! It's one of those times when I wish an angel would appear and tell us what would be perfect to do, but I know.....that's not how it works. We have to do more work and keep on praying. Meeting with realtors, online searches, home buyers guides, mortgage company meetings.....lots of good stuff going on here.
Also, the girls and I are preparing for a trip to Iowa in a couple of weeks. I'll try to post pictures and such.

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deana said...

Just be patient and think clearly about each potential house. I think that when you see the right house you and Brad will know it. Maybe that will come soon. School starts in August?Right? Heavenly Father will help.