Monday, November 10, 2008

I love my Veteran..........

So tonight I told Bethany that in the morning we're going to meet Grandma to go shopping because she doesn't have school tomorrow. Then, I remembered why she doesn't have school...VETERAN'S DAY! I asked her if she learned anything about Veterans in school today,and she said yes, but couldn't give me anything specific. I started thinking about my dad and told her that her grandpa is a veteran because he served in a war and that many of her friends' daddies are veterans. So, I tonight I'm thinking of many of my friends who maybe read my blog....some of you are married to veteran soldiers, in or out of the military now, some of you have sons and daughters serving or other family members, or maybe your dad and/or grandpa - maybe even your mom or sister - served.....I'm thinking of all of you who sacrifice for and serve in our armed forces today. I am grateful for our Veterans, and praying for them.

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