Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Visit with Treasured Friends

Caroline & Bethany on the swings
Melanie, Kimberly, & Hannah on the old Spin-Around

Ancient teeter-totter of sorts : Deana, Melanie, Kimberly & Mallory

Mallory, Bethany, & Hannah climbing the banned-for-safety reasons-from-all-updated-playgrounds Climbing Contraption

The Ginn Family drove about 7 hours to come and visit us for Memorial Day weekend. Brad and Gregg were playing in a golf tournament that Saturday with my brother and my dad, which they thoroughly enjoyed despite the sunburn. Deana and I and the girls enjoyed the park up the street and a drive through the mountains, among other things. It was so special for me to see how much they loved the beauty of the landscape around us. How many kids do you know who appreciate just taking a drive and looking out the windows at the scenery? I'll never forget how excited the girls were to be here and how they soaked up every moment of their time with us. My kids had great friends to play with all day long, and Brad and I had our great friends, too. It was so wonderful to see them and so sad to see them go. Anybody else wanna visit???? :)

(P.S. -- the pretty scenic pictures are on Deana's blog)

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Melissa said...

I saw the pics on Deana's blog and it really made me want to go and visit you! I'm so glad ya'll got to be together.