Friday, July 31, 2009

My Favorite Recent Words/Sentences/Quotes from Mallory

Mal has been talking sooo much lately, and her personality is really starting to bloom. She has opinion, likes, dislikes, and wants to have little conversations with us. It's so cute. I must say, though, she is quite a feisty little one. Screaming, crying, whining fits have become a part of my daily life. But, the cute things outweigh the irritating things -- most days. :)

"You stop dat noise wight now!" (when I was changing her diaper this afternoon - ???
I guess I do recall using that phrase a lot yesterday evening. Ooops.)

"My bottom houts, for 2 owas! Don't touch it!"
("hurts", "hours" -when Brad forgot to take the diaper bag to the church)

"She my sisser." (about Bethany - with a little smile and head tilt)

"Mommy, you mean!"

"Bue hat, Geen hat, yewow hat, Ooops! heeheeheehee" (Sandra Boynton books, anybody?
She reads this one everyday all by herself.)

"I wuv/wub ______" (puppies, red, milk, dat song, you too!, Dora, etc.)

"I do it myselwf!"

"Mommy, where iss my daddy? I neeeed my daddy!"

"Mommy, mommy, I have a baa weam! I sared!" ( "bad dream" "scared" - most nights after
I put her to bed, within about 15 minutes, before she has even been to sleep.)


deana said...

That is too cute. I am glad she is talking up a storm. She is a sweetheat!

Staceroo said...

I love it when kids start trying to have conversations with you that may or may not be relevant to anything. They always think they have a complete grip on the situation, which is hilarious to me.

erin sheely said...

Two year old (almost three!) talkers are the best. That's awesome!