Friday, July 31, 2009

Horseback Riding - Canaan Valley, WV

One of our activities with the Bennett Family was horseback riding. It was my first time, and a first for all of the kids, too. They were so excited. Papa Ralph stayed back with Mallory because she wasn't old enough to go on the 1 hour trail ride. The trail took us up on top of one of the hills and through the woods, and the view was beautiful. My horse was "Prince", and I was lucky enough to ride up close to all of our kids because we were in a large group. I got to hear them as they talked about their horses, laughed, and enjoyed their ride -- especially when the horses would trot. Once again, lots of pics......

Bethany and Will

Mallory was super excited and absolutely fearless. I was shocked. She has not stopped talking about her horse, "Ben". His real name was Dan, but I guess she changed it.

Audrey on "Spot"
Tate on "Dan"

Will on "Princess"
Bethany on "Easter"
John and Anita on their horses, ??

Brad on "Dillon"


deana said...

I am totally jealous. I have always wanted to go on a horse back riding trail. How cool is that. I know the veiw was awesome.

erin sheely said...

How fun!!! I love that you got to go do that. I have only ridden horses twice and it was sooo fun both times!