Monday, August 17, 2009

Our weekend

Brad and I decided to take a laid-back vacation this year. We are staying kind of close to home, and keeping it simple and inexpensive. Over the weekend we visited my brother's family near Charleston, WV...actually, Nitro is the name of the town. (named for nitroglycerin during WWII because of the plant that was there at the time - interesting tidbit, huh?) We had a great time relaxing, playing Wii Resort (my first time with Wii, and I loved it), and visiting the local water park. We had beautiful, hot weather for our pool/waterslide/lazy river day and lots of strangers around who won't remember seeing me in a swimsuit. :) We all really enjoyed the water fun, and Bethany even rode a tube on one of the waterslides all by herself. I was kind of surprised but wanted to support her, so I went with her the 2nd time (even though I was a little nervous about it). This slide was divided into 3 or 4 sections, each one ending with a big splash into a small pool. When I reached the second pool, Bethany was clinging to the side and crying because she'd been tossed from her tube and pushed underwater. I had been tossed under, too, but for her it was very scary. The lifeguard didn't seem to even notice her until he saw her mom coming over to see what was wrong, then he offered to walk her down to the bottom. Kind of irritating that he wasn't helping her before I got there. Who knows how long she was clinging and crying?! So, she is done with least for a while. Other than that, great day! We're planning a short trip to DC later this week, so I'll fill you in when we get back. And, we're doing Daddy and Mommy dates individually with the kids this week, too. Brad and Bethany are golfing right now, and I think I'll take her to the spa for pedicures before school starts. We're not sure about Mallory yet....probably movies and park. She's easy to please. :) Hope that you're all having a great August!


deana said...

I am glad to hear that you were wearing a swimsuit and having fun. It sounds like alot of excitement except for the slide. We are going to Holden Beach next weekend to stay at my aunt's beach house. All we have to bring is food. We will have it all to ourselves.School will be here next week also. We start on Tuesday. Caroline is the most excited.Love you!

Moffitt Family said...

Water parks are so much fun - haven't been in such a long time! And people will remember the beautiful woman there with her 2 beautiful daughters! Take care!


Staceroo said...

What a fun vacation before back-to-school. I'm kinda jealous because we're already back in school! Enjoy your last few days of relaxation. :)

Payne Family said...

Mandy, I just saw your blog through Matt and Sarah's. My mom is from Nitro! If you are still in DC please drop me a line. I'd love to meet your family. Your oldest daughter looks just like you did when you were younger. I'll have to go back and read some of your posts to see what you're up to. You are such a beautiful woman, mandy.


Staceroo said...

Mandy - about the potty training. I don't have the actual book. I just borrowed it from Natalie and took notes. You could ask her for the exact name and author on her blog or if you want me to ask her I can get back to you. Let me know.