Thursday, August 27, 2009

1st Day of School

Yesterday was Bethany's first day of school - First Grade! She was very excited. Surprisingly, our morning went quite smoothly. I woke up before everybody else, except Mallory, and I showered while Brad got breakfast for the girls. We all had time to fix hair, get dressed, and say our family prayer before heading in different directions. Mallory and I took Bethany to the school, and even though the "Safe School Guidelines" don't allow it, I walked her to her classroom. She really didn't want me to, but we had a huge and heavy shopping bag of school supplies to give to her teacher so she decided it was okay for me to walk with her -- THIS time. :) After school I expected her to be wiped out, but she was upbeat. She said, "Mom, 1st grade is really fun. I'm going to like 1st grade." I was relieved to hear this. Bethany goes back and forth on her opinion of school, likes it - doesn't like it- it's boring - it's fun, etc. I'm really pulling for her liking it because if she doesn't like elementary school, what's going to happen as she heads into middle and high school?
(I just realized when I was posting these pictures that she's wearing the same shirt she wore for her last day of school in kindergarten. It matches the skirt she wanted to wear which is a hand-me-down from her cousin. She had a growth spurt last spring so she got lots of new clothes toward the end of the school year, so we didn't have to get a whole lot to start off this school year....except jeans. I think she's grown at least 2 inches since her last birthday.)


Moffitt Family said...

How fun - they grow so fast! I can't believe I have a 4th grader this year! Your girls are such cuties - you can tell they love each other!

erin sheely said...

First grade girl! How crazy is that?