Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Too simplified??

In the last few years, I have drastically simplified my life. I only do what I want to do, or what my calling asks of me for church, or what I need to do for my family. There are very few extras going on in my life. I pretty much like it that way. I have felt like my priorities are in order for the most part. However, I do miss playdates, playgroup, visiting friends, having a friend visit me. I think my life has become too simplified. But, the Lord has seen fit to change that recently. With a new calling, and projects that have all come at the same time, I'm a bit overwhelmed now. I'm out of practice at handling more than a couple big things at once. Here is my to-do list for the next week and a half:

  • Do a Primary project board that overviews what primary is all about for the missionaries' Open House on Sunday.
  • Write the Primary program by Sunday, or more likely adapt one I found online to fit our smaller primary.
  • Write, create, plan a class on priorities for our Stake Relief Society meeting/activity on Oct. 17, where I will also be going to primary leadership training.
  • Get myself organized and ready for our first presidency meeting.
  • Meet with the staff at the elementary school to discuss the volunteer coordinating I will be doing with them.

Some of that stuff is kind of intimidating. My problem is that I want everything to turn out just perfect.....and I don't know how I can get it that way, so I think about it for another day or so and then I'm behind schedule. But, I'll get it done.....somehow. :) I know we all have some weeks or months that feel especially busy.


Melissa said...

Mandy, okay I know that I am preaching to the choir because Cory has to remind me of this constantly, but I'm going to say it anyway. USE YOUR COUNSELORS!!! You shouldn't do it all on your own. Assign a counselor to do the project board and assign a counselor to look up program ideas that would work for your primary. I totally know what you are talking about, but remember that with the Lord you can do all things....even, or especially, hard things. Don't feel intimitated, you are more capable and talented than you will ever realize. I wish I could attend your class on priorities. You'll do great!!!!

Staceroo said...

I would say, make sure that all these things you need to do are true necesssities. When you're left will all the things you "have" to do, remember that as the Lord has called you, you are entitled to his help. Pray and inspiration will come!

Mandy said...

I wish I had official counselors to assign things to....on Sunday, hopefully. :) It was like I had nothing at all going on and then everything fell in the same time frame...I'm the only one available to do the project for the missionaries in my ward (which I've finished - yeah!), and I agreed to do the class for the stake because the lady calling said she felt immediately that I was the right one to do it = blessings, right? It'll all work out. Thanks for your encouragement, friends. :)