Friday, November 6, 2009

Bethany's PT Conference

Brad and I went to the elementary school for Parent Teacher Conferences last night. We always try to meet with the PE and Music teachers as well as the classroom teacher. I know that the resource teachers get pretty bored during conferences, and I want to know how Bethany's doing in all of her classes. It's always great to hear that she is doing very well. The PE teacher said she's really come out of her shell this year and is really performing at a level above her age group physically and coordination-wise, and then the music teacher told me she is talented. She is recommending her to a piano/music teacher at the local college which she doesn't usually do for children as young as her. A mother's heart swells with pride....aaaahhh. :) Now, I need to find a piano....oh, boy. When we went into her classroom, the teacher closed the door and said, "what can I say about Bethany? I wish I had 20 of her!" I know - it sounds like I'm bragging, but, really, I'm just pleased to hear she's doing so well. A LOT of 1st grade parents have been complaining at our school about the strict teachers, the higher expectations for behavior, and the struggles their kids are having, so I'm relieved to know that our child is doing alright. Whew. The teacher pulled out a "squiggle" that Bethany had done for us to see. (a squiggle is a paper that starts with one small shape or drawing already on it and the kids add to the drawing while creating a character and writing 3 sentences about it.) This is the one she showed us:

This "squiggle" started with a bow tie. In case you can't read the words, it says, "My character is my mom. My mom likes to cook. My mom even likes to play with me." At first, I thought -- oh, how sweet! She made me her character. And, then I read the part about liking to cook, and I had to try not to laugh. (Brad was trying not to laugh,'s a good thing he knows better ;) You all know that this is not one of my strong suits, but I have been cooking more often lately. I can definitely say that although I don't always "like" to cook, it's great to know that she thinks I do. :)


Moffitt Family said...
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Moffitt Family said...

Sorry, I messed up the other comment!

You should feel proud - she's a great little girl!!!!

Amber said...

You go ahead and brag!! A mother always has "bragging rites"! Good for Bethany. I can't believe how old they are both getting. I loved the Halloween pics!

heather said...

That makes me proud, too! Really... what do you expect? She has Poe blood... of course she's going to be great!