Wednesday, November 4, 2009



The Youth had games for the kids which Bethany really enjoyed. Mallory played a few games, and then she took a break........

to eat her winnings. I don't know how many candies she'd eaten before I noticed her hiding next to a chair in the foyer.

Brad walked the kids around because he would have to work on Halloween night. The girls got way more candy this night than on Halloween.

Afterwards, Brad went on a visit with the missionaries and the girls and I went home to sort the loot. Bethany is a "Butterfly Fairy" and Mallory is, of course, a "monkey".

My cutie-patooties!
Halloween night, colder and rainy.

I love this picture of them waiting for the people to answer the door and give them treats.

Bethany has become very comfortable with "Trick - or - Treat" and "Thank you", but Mallory was very shy this year. Except at one house where the man said, "you're the cutest monkey out here tonight!" and she cracked up laughing all the way back down his sidewalk. (??)


deana said...

You should have seen the candy the girls collected. We will have candy until Valentine's Day! Your girls look so cute in their costumes. Hope your calling is going well.

Boyz Zone said...

They are so cute and getting so big!

Deon said...

Happy Halloween! It looks like the girls had a lot of fun and they look cute too!

Caroline said...

Wow - it's crazy how much Bethany looks like you in these pics. They're both super cute!