Tuesday, October 21, 2008

After-School Activities

I've been trying to come up with activities to do with Bethany after school, so that we get some Mommy-Daughter time and to distract her from watching TV as soon as she arrives. (Taking away TV has become a pretty reliable consequence for her, but it can drive me crazy in the meantime.) So, I finally did something with all of my blackened bananas.....we made Banana Nut Bread. Bethany helped with most steps, and Mallory sat and watched us while she ate her afternoon snack. I think we've got enough bananas to do another double batch tomorrow evening. Below is my first-ever attempt at taking video on my camera, and then posting to my blog. I'll get better at it. :)


Staceroo said...

Whoo-hoo with the video! You did a fabulous job! I look forward to more in the future. Thanks for the fall leaves pictures also. They were great!

Melissa said...

I hope that the beautiful colors stay for a couple more weeks here. I don't know it may be almost over for us too. How sad. I can't believe how grown-up Bethany is. I love that you are doing after-school projects with her. How fun. I have also made the no tv after school rule. I should teach Katelund how to bake. Good idea.

Bonna Keckley said...

Your kids are lucky to have such a great mom!