Thursday, September 3, 2009

My tired Mallory....

Some background.....the night before last, Mallory cried, yelled, and screamed for her Daddy from about 1 am until 4:30 am, THEN she would not fall asleep during her naptime yesterday, THEN she would not fall asleep for her naptime today....( and yes, I'm scared that she is a. growing out of naps or b. growing out of her crib comfort and we're not ready for a big girl bed or c. both) ....So, imagine what kind of mood she was in for the rest of today.

(In the car this evening)

Bethany - "Mallory, did you miss me today when I was at school?"
Mallory - huffy "NO! I di naw misshu."
Bethany - "What?"
Mallory - extra loud "I DI NAW MISSHU!"
Bethany - "But, Mallory, my school was farther away from home than yours."
(whatever that has to do with this ??)
Mallory - very snooty "I know!"
Bethany - "Well, I love you and I missed you, Mallory. That wasn't very nice."
Mallory - with humility "I sorry, Betany."
But, the whole evening went this way....AND she cried and fussed for an hour after I put her to bed tonight.....seriously?!? How is she staying awake?! I had to rock her like a baby to get her to sleep....which was kind of sweet, but we don't want to make a habit of it. Hopefully, our Labor Day weekend away at a nearby resort won't be like this.

Oh, yeah -- Mallory started Montessori preschool today. She will be going 2 mornings a week, sometimes 3, and is super excited. She did not have any trouble leaving me, and I convinced myself to stay busy and do chores while she was gone to keep my mind and body occupied. It worked and my floors are shiny. :)


heather said...

I can totally hear Mallory saying that to Bethany! Good luck with nap time today! Love ya and miss you all!

Bonna Keckley said...

What an adorable little conversation! Bethany is such a little lady and patient too!

deana said...

Sounds like she is going through one of those stages. I'll bet it was super quiet without Mallory there. I know she loves it. Love you!

Staceroo said...

Sleepy children are the worst. I don't deal well with that (especially because I'm usually sleepy too for being up with them!)

Natalie said...

Looks beautiful up there. I hate that stage when they start to outgrow naps, but still really need them!

erin sheely said...

I'm sorry!! That is soo frustrating. But she sure is darling and I"m glad you found her a fun preschool!