Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Um, Mom--- look at Mallory!"

I hear those words a lot these days! "Mom, Mallory got your makeup!" "Mom, Mallory is putting wet paper on my bed!" That one ended up being toilet paper out of the toilet because Bethany left the seat up and forgot to flush. Gross, yeah, I know. Well, I tried to capture the makeup mayhem on camera, but my camera is pretty crappy, so I couldn't get it to show very well. She was basically eating my blush, so it was all around her mouth and chin, on her clothes and shoes, and all over the floor around her. She was enjoying herself, as you can see. That was the same day we experimented with her hair, hence the pig tails and hair clips. It was fun... I learned to keep better track of the makeup, lectured Bethany about her potty responsibilities, and got to play hairdresser to both of my girls for the first time (Bethany wanted hers done the same way).....all in one day!


Amber said...

Nice!! As mother, we never have any "personal property", right?? Nothing's sacred, not even makeup

Rebecca said...

That's cute! I have kids who like to tattle on each other too. (Glad you are joining that fun club!)