Friday, February 1, 2008

Mommy Milestones

My firstborn, my baby girl, turned five yesterday! I can't believe it. On Wednesday, I kept thinking of how labor started that day, five years earlier, and remembering each stage of her entrance into the world. Now, I have to accept the fact that she will soon be leaving the nest....for kindergarten. Somebody else will enjoy my sweetheart for most of the day, five days a week. It's just unfair. Should I go back to teaching just to be her teacher? Nah, I'm not that upset. (heehee) Besides, Mallory still needs me, right? I know...I'm overdramatizing the situation, but I must admit I've dreaded the day that my kids have to start school ever since Bethany was born because they're gone after that, aren't they? First, it's kindergarten, then soon it'll be the most dreadful part of the educational experience - middle school, then high school....then college, marriage, babies....AAAAAHHHHHHH! I must say, though, that Bethany seemed the most excited I've ever seen her. She smiled all day, she announced as often as she could that she was "the birthday girl", and you should have seen her at her party with the Elkins crowd. She, more than once, announced to everyone that she was glad they came to her party..."because I'm the birthday girl, and this is my party, and I'm so glad you came." Then, later,"everybody, quiet - please! My daddy said that after you eat ALL of your food, we can have my birthday cake, and if you ask me- you can have one of the hearts." You see, she specified that her cake should have her name on it, and some hearts....five hearts. What a delightful day! I only wish I'd had the video camera on each time she had an announcement for her party guests.
(The pictures above include Bethany with her made-to-order cake, the excited birthday girl getting ready to go to preschool ...notice the five fingers in the air, and Bethany dressed in some of her birthday loot ...tiara, earrings and lipgloss.)


Rebecca said...

They are growing way too fast! I feel your pain!!

Amber said...

that's amazing! it seemed so long ago that she was born. sniff sniff.