Friday, February 1, 2008

Locks of Love

I've been saying for months that I need to cut my hair, and I have accumulated enough of it that I wanted to donate to Locks of Love again. Finally, I couldn't take the mane any longer, so I made an appointment for Bethany and I to get haircuts today. I had mentioned to her a while ago that there are people who get really sick and lose their hair, and that we can cut ours and give it to them which will make them feel happy. She was a little freaked out about that. So, today when I mentioned it, I expected the same reaction, but when I said that our hair would grow back after a while, she said, "ok, mommy, let's do that...let's give our hair to the sick kids." She watched me get mine cut first, then without even the slightest hesitation, she climbed up on a stool and got hers cut. She smiled afterwards, and we both feel a lot lighter! And, just so you know, I really did NOT pressure her....I told her she could just get it trimmed a little bit. She knew it was her choice. In fact, I almost backed out....cutting her hair that much was a big deal for me. All of her "beach hair" is gone now......the blond part from living in North Carolina and being in the sun so much. But, like I told her, it will grow back. Hopefully, somebody will enjoy our donation. I'm posting her picture (before and after), but not mine. My excuse will be that Bethany doesn't know how to operate my camera. ;)


Amber said...

that is like the sweetest thing i have ever heard. what a sweet sweet girl! also, how lucky she is to have a mother that teaches by example. I wish I could grow my hair long enough to do it. I just was not blessed in that department.

deana said...

I can't believe you cut Bethany's hair. She looks older in the pictures.I can't believe she is five. I remember visiting you in the hospital. We are moved and out in the country. We really love it. Everyone is well.