Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I just re-read my post and was reminded of how our Mountaineers bombed out in their first game of the tourney. We were all very disappointed around here, but when you don't play well - you lose, right? In a strange way I was just contemplating that last statement and it kind of relates to my personal life. "Play well" corresponds with me being a good wife and mother --- not always easy. Very recently, I got a bit too emotional about a thing that happened which led to lots of not-so-fun feelings. Am I the only one who does that sometimes? So, I end up feeling sad, tired, hurt, etc. which really only results in me "losing"....losing my clear head, losing my calm comfort from the Spirit, losing opportunities to bond with and serve my family, and losing my sense of self-worth. I hate when I do that to myself! I am a daughter of God, which means I have a divine nature. Why do I sometimes pull myself down, or rather allow Satan to lead me to do so? Luckily, it didn't last too long.....well, not "luckily" because I prayed and studied the prophet's words and was blessed with peaceful feelings. I am so thankful for the knowledge that doing so will bring me closer to Him.

(I hope you don't mind me being so honest in my posts. I share what I do with my blog friends because doing so brings me peace and feelings of friendship. I'll try to have some more upbeat posts in the near future. :)


deana said...

Excuse me! You are human in case you haven't forgot. I to am guilty of that. Thank goodness for the scripture, words from apostles and especially words from our prophet.They certainly do help to calm us and bring us back from insanity.Mandy, Heavenly Father loves you so much and he does understand why you go through what you do.Venting is so good sometimes.When you have it down where you can read it, you can make sense of it all.Love Ya!!

Staceroo said...

This happens to me all the time. But I've found that beating myself up when I'm not being my best self only adds to the problem. The best way for me to pick myself up and be better (and feel better) is to feed my spirit and tap myself into the strength of the Spirit. When I have the Spirit is the only time I am my best self anyway. Also, you might want to reflect on the good things you do for/with your family as well. I'm sure you'll find that you really are doing a better job than you think!

Moffitt Family said...

Hey Mandy! You're blog is as adorable as your family! You're doing a fantastic job - you're a great example to me! Don't be so hard on yourself - look at your two girls who are so wonderful because of their mother! Take care!
(The producer of "Big Love" lives up the street from us - would you like me to egg his house :)