Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm looking forward to.....

1.) A new year, according to my birthdate, to work on me.
2.) My 32nd birthday - okay, not really thrilled to be aging, but 32 is better than 72, right?
( What has happened to my youthful skin? The mirror is unfriendly some days, you know?)
3.) My new computer that is being ordered as I write this post...via Dell Chat, which is
so convenient!
4.) Working out with the luxury of on-site child care.
5.) Spring!
6.) March Madness...sort of, mostly just to see what the Mountaineers do in the tournament.
7.) T-Ball, it should be very entertaining and yet boring at the same time. :)
8.) General and Stake conferences.
9.) My trip to the temple with my sister next weekend. ( and many more in the future
because she is a temple worker now and I can ride with her. :)
10.) Getting more painting done in my house....notice I said "done", not "doing". :)


Amber said...

oh, i feel like i know you a little better. fun. thanks for sharing. congrats on the bball program! that is so exciting. someday i'd love to start a swim team. good for ya'll.

Mandy said...

I just re-read this post and realized I put my trip to the temple kind of low on the list,'s the main reason I thought to post and I found out yesterday that somehow I hadn't mentioned it to Brad yet -- oops. I was planning with everybody else when he wasn't around, I guess? I'm very exicited - and this list is not listed by priority or anything...just had to clarify. :)

Tricia said...

I'm so glad for your cheerful attitude about being in your early 30's. What a great decade. Your skin is RADIANT! If you think it looks a little "off", just schedule another temple trip - problem solved. :) How great that you can attend frequently with your sis. Love and miss you!