Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Walking, Washing, and WalMart

Yesterday was a good day! This is so unlike the current me, but I woke up and as Mallory was eating breakfast I washed the dishes.....I didn't procrastinate, but did it right away - first thing in the morning. We spent some time doing laundry and watching PBS Kids, and then I did another unexpected thing. I got Mallory and the diaper bag ready, put her in the stroller and started walking around town completing errands. We walked to the post office to mail bills and a very late birthday card, the line was very long so we decided to come back later to buy stamps. Then, we walked to the chiropractor's office where we spent about 40 minutes of our time. We then walked back over to the post office and bought some Forever stamps because postage is going up in May. Our next move was kind of wild, but we then walked all the way across town to City Hall to pay the water bill. By the time we got home we didn't need our jackets anymore, and Mallory was happily licking her Tootsie Pop that the city clerks had given her. ( She had also collected a sticker and cup of water from the chiropractor's office.) I LOVE that this town has sidewalks! For FHE, we talked about safety and what to do if we get separted in a store. A field trip to WalMart was in order...we did a little role play where Bethany didn't listen to me say "come on" and stayed in the aisle looking at princess things while I moved on. We told her to yell for me, first Mommy! then Mandy!, and if she didn't find me right away to find a WalMart worker or a Mommy with kids. ( and because Mallory was with her - to hold her hand and take her along.....I can't imagine ever walking away from both of my kids, but strange things can happen.) We took her around the store and had her point out people who would be safe to approach if she got separated from me, and who might not be a safe choice. (discreetly, of course.) I hope we never have to test it out, but you never know. That was my Monday!


Melissa said...

What a great FHE idea. I'd never thought about doing that before. Thanks for the idea. I am so jealous that you have sidewalks!!!

Bonna Keckley said...

Chris and I had just been brainstorming on ideas for Garren for FHE. That is a great idea! Thanks!

Staceroo said...

I love it when my morning comes together and I can get out of the house before noon! I also loved the FHE activity. It remindes me of when we do our Fire safety/tornado safety/power outage drills at our house.