Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's been happenin'....

I know it's been a while since I posted, so I'm just going to start with a rundown of recent happenings here for the Bennett family.....

  • Brad was organizing a Stake Men's Basketball tournament set for April 18th, and although it was lots of fun for the guys, we are glad it's over with! He was on the phone and the computer quite a lot trying to communicate with all the wards and set up the tournament brackets, etc. The best part about the whole thing is that it gave our friends, Chris and Deb, a reason to come visit for the weekend. Chris and Brad used to get together and play ball quite a bit in NC, and it was so amazing that they drove all this way so that the guys could play some ball together again. They are some of the sweetest people we've ever had the pleasure of knowing, and this is the second time they've visited us here in WV. We're so grateful for their friendship.
  • Does anybody else feel like all we do as school parents is fund raise? The PTO at Bethany's school just finished a Krispy Kreme doughnut sale, so I'll be delivering those tomorrow evening. We also had Longaberger Bingo, Applebee's Pancake Breakfast, and the school carnival is next weekend. And all of that is in the same quarter! In the fall we had a big sale, too! Whew! I just wish our government had education figured out better, so that parent organizations didn't have to take on such a burden to provide the schools with needed improvements, materials, and technology. Our PTO provides almost double the dollar amount of what our county board of education gives to our school.
  • I finished my root canal at the end of March and had my teeth cleaned today, so that makes 5 or 6 dentist appointments in about a month and a half for me. Whew! Dental work has to be at the bottom of my list of things I don't enjoy.
  • I've been saying for about 2 months that I'm going to get Bethany's hair cut off again, but I procrastinate the actual doing of it. We'll get it done soon, I think. (another 8-10 inches)
  • I went to the temple with my sister last month and it was wonderful! My kids were a-okay at home with Daddy and I was able to just take my time and do a couple of sessions. The DC temple is about 4 hours away from here, so it takes quite a bit of planning to get there. I'm hoping to make it there again soon. It's so rejuvenating to do the work and spend any amount of time in the Lord's house.
  • We spent Easter at my parents' house this year, and it was so nice to be there with my family. We colored eggs, hunted eggs, went to church where I was able to attend Sunday School, and enjoyed our time together. I'll post some pictures.
  • I've worked it out with the principal of the school so that I can bring Mallory with me to volunteer more often. That way I get to help out in the library or something, and I don't have to find babysitting. She's a good kid, so I'm thinking it should work out just fine. I'm glad to be a little bit more involved.

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Tricia said...

I SOOO feel you about the fundraisers! While Shane was in Middle school, I told I didn't want to hear another word about a fundraiser. Then I donated a generous cash amount to the PTO for what I considered to be a fair contribution. I'm still glad I made that decision as I face this all over again with Emma. If I thought the children really learned anything constructive, I would reconsider, but at this point the cons far outweigh the pros.