Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My last 36 hours.....

In the last 36 hours......

  • Mallory and I walked to and from Montessori yesterday, which meant about 40 minutes for me and I loved it! I felt so good I did yoga in-between walks, too. Yay me!
  • I went to WalMart -- twice! Ugh. It feels like I need to get better about combining my trips, but I'm forgetful these days, and it's so close to my house.
  • I put away most of Mallory's birthday gifts and sorted out some baby/not-played-with-so-much toys to make room.
  • Had Bethany's best friend, Brynna, come over after school yesterday and before school today because her mom was problem, she's a sweet girl.
  • Went to Bethany's soccer field AGAIN, this time to do team pictures.
  • Went to the church to meet with the Bishop to turn in names for counselors to serve with me in Primary, and assorted other names were discussed for the many needs of our primary.....whew. Pray for me people - this is a first for me - always the counselor, never the president, which has always worked out nicely for me. :)
  • Put the kids to bed without Brad 2 nights in a row (two more nights this week to come, too)....argh, but you gotta do what you gotta do, right? It's nothing compared to my Army wife friends. (Young Men/ Scouts and work)
  • Went to the school THREE times today -- meetings with the principal and pick-up.
  • Had Girls' Movie/Livingroom Picnic Night......"Bolt", not finished yet - kinda cute.
  • Was stalked by an angry primary parent because of family feuding between her and her sister and their daughters, which played out in primary on Sunday......(seriously, she came to my house looking for me, but thankfully I was gone-- Are you praying for me yet? :)
  • Played Memory with Mallory, and she kicked my hiney!
  • Let my heart sing when Mallory opened her Barbie Happy Meal toy and said, "Mommy, I wuv it! Iss so pwitty! I WUV it! Tank you!"
  • Had a proud Mommy moment when Bethany's soccer coach said, "She is so good! She is the best listener on the team. How do you do it?!" She came to me a sweetie, so I just got lucky. :)


deana said...

Whew!! WHAT THE HECK!! Okay woman you are officially busier than me! You will be great as President! Your school teacher personality will really shine with this calling. Sherrie's new calling is... are you ready... Stake Relief Society President. Sister Ginn was retired after 5 years. She will be wonderful. Well my best friend in WV you take care and pray alot. I will pray for you as well. Love you lots!

Natalie said...

You will do great. I said this to Stacy as well, but those kids are lucky to have you, and I mean it! I'll be praying for you.

Krissy said...

Holy cow lady, slow down and breathe! Good luck with the Primary President position. I know you'll do a great job!

Somehow I missed the post about Mallory's birthday. Happy late Birthday Mallory!

BTW....I wish we lived closer too so we could do things together while Joel is gone.

Love and miss ya!

Melissa said...

Yep, you've definitely got your plate full. I think that primary president has got to be one of the most stressful calings b/c you're over so much!! You'll be so AWESOME!!! Those kids are SOOOO lucky to have you. The amazing thing about you Mandy is that you are one of those people that can have a million things going on and yet you seem to handle it so easily and seemless. I admire that SO much about you.

Alisa said...

That's so funny....Tonya Criser is Primary President and so am I. I just got called in February. It is a lot of work...but rewarding. My hardest part is getting teachers to show up on Sunday :)That is funny that we are all Primary Presidents we need to share ideas :) You will do great!!!!

Sherrie said...

This is the first I have heard abut your new calling, it is a perfect place for you to be but then come to think of it, you fit perfectly wherever you go:) Just the dame I will pray for you.

PS The whole memory thing I hate playing it with my grandchildren, mind you, They by pass me within the first few turns. However, I feel it is because they are so smart not that I am so umm well not so smart. And I am, certain it is the same at your house:)

Boyz Zone said...

You go busy girl! We will have to exchange ideas on Primary! Miss you!

Bonna Keckley said...

Just found out yesterday that we now share the same fate. More on this when I'm "official."

Staceroo said...

You will do AWESOME as primary president! Too bad we couldn't both be in the same ward and do it together and bounce off each other's ideas like we did in the Relief Society Presidency. (Although we wouldn't both be president then, would we?) I have one question though. If you haven't officially been called/sustained, then how do the parents know you're president to track you down and stalk you?