Friday, September 19, 2008

Flu Shots?

I'm just wondering how all of you moms out there feel about flu shots. Our pediatrician in North Carolina never suggested that the girls get them, and I turned the doctor down last fall when he recommended it. I've never had one and Brad has never had one. Also, I was told today that since they've never had the shot, the girls would each have to have two shots, one month apart. Maybe the flu season here is worse than in NC? I've just heard conflicting reports about the value and risks of the flu shot or flu mist. Please share your opinion.....not just moms, any of you may have an opinion and information that I don't. Thanks in advance!


Tricia said...

Mandy, I'm all for flu shots...never had a problem with them. Here's the catch: The CDC anticipates which flu virus(s) they anticipate to be present for the season. Then they prepare the flu vaccine according to their educated guess. Sometimes they are wrong and you'll get the flu anyway. On the flipside, having a shot is a lot safer and less expensive than treating it. (Especially if one were to get a bad strain and require hospitalization due to complications.)

heather said...

I had one and didn't have any problems. The majority of my students get the flu mist and it seems to keep them relatively healthy during flu season.

Caroline said...

I'm not sure if this is helpful or not. Josh was a sick sick baby and so he's had a flu shot every year for his entire life. We've been getting the mist since he was 5 cause I promised him no more annual shots. Unlike your girls, he MUST have it because he's always had it. In my opinion, if you haven't gotten it previously, there shouldn't be any need to start getting it (but that's just my opinion and certainly not based on research).

Natalie said...

So for what it is worth. Dave doesn't think an average person should get one. I did have the kids get them for a few years, but I never was convinced it did anything. That being said we all got the flu last year, and we were miserable, so I am considering it this year.