Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Mallory

So, I had my first conversation with my daughter the other night. You may not know that she is in speech therapy. This little girl just never started talking, so we referred her to Birth to Three and now she has an amazing speech pathologist coming to our house to work with her. She teaches Brad and I methods to use consistently, as well. Anyway, the "conversation" started as I was rocking her just before bedtime. She waved her hand in the air and said "shinshi" as she pointed to the hallway and then said "Da-ee". I said, "Daddy is stinky?" "Yeah!" I laughed, then she pointed to her sister's room and repeated the hand motion and her word for stinky, "shinshi" and then said her almost-the-same-as-stinky word for Sissy, "Shishi". I said, "Sissy is stinky, too?" Again, "Yeah!" This time she laughs at her own joke. Then she points at me and says, "Shinshi, Oooooh!" I appear startled and say, "What?! Mommy is stinky, too?" She laughs at me and then I say, "Well, are you stinky? Is Mallory stinky?" "YEAH! (heeheehee)" I'll forever remember that my first conversation with my Mal-Mal was one where she made a joke of us all. Is this Brad's daughter or what?

* Pictured above are a few of her modeling shots from yesterday. We found the purse in her sister's old clothes that we pulled from the basement for fall/winter. She was trying on the sweater from last winter to see if it still fit, and was sporting the Dora slippers that were also handed down from Bethany.
* OH YEAH, I should mention that I hadn't fixed her hair yet.....hence the crazy 'fro! I just had to include the backview of her hair. It's grown so much lately.
* Another note - after she finished hugging the Care Bear, she viciously threw her to the floor and took the rocking chair for herself. With a growl and everything.....whoa.


Staceroo said...

Mallory and the Care Bear apparently have a love/hate relationship. That conversation with her was hilarious! I think you may have a clown on your hands if the first thing she wants to tell you is a joke!

Melissa said...

I think she looks so much like Brad! Her hair is incredible!! Wow, I can't imagine having to brush through those oh-so-tiny beautiful curls!! :)

Shannon said...

hahahaha. I was talking about her today to a speech path prof at U of Iowa. She has a nephew who's also two and not talking much.
Mallory is hilarious. She's going to be an ornery joker I think.

Natalie said...

I love her hair! I too can't imagine brushing through it! I remember how early she started smiling and it just goes to show that now she is already joking around. They must go hand in hand.