Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What's this?

The night we got home from Tennessee was our first night in our house. The next morning Mallory woke up with some red bumps on her face, and as the day progressed she got more of them on her arms and legs, etc. I thought it must be chicken pox, and lived like it was for a couple of days, then got worried that Bethany would get it, too and was supposed to start kindergarten in a couple of days. So, we visited an Urgent Care on Labor Day and they said it looked like a viral rash. I sent B. to school, and I'll include some info on that in another post, and she started to get a few bumps. I woke up covered with bumps one day that week and mine itched really bad....I think I must have had at least 100 bumps that felt like bites. We saw the pediatrician just to be sure, too, because I was worried about bugs being in the house or an allergy to the new carpet. Nope, virus. Weird, huh? I tried to take pictures of Mal's bumps the 2nd day, but my crappy camera doesn't do closeups. Soccer also started the same week school did. I'll be posting some of that action through October. Brad is coaching Bethany's team. They are pretty small and young, so they get beat often, but it is fun and we're not officially keeping score anyway. She has scored goals in 2 of her 3 games, and is so much better than she was in the spring.

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