Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mallory's 2nd Birthday

With so much going on, Mallory's birthday just snuck up on us. We got together with our family the weekend before her actual birthday so it'd be easier for my family to drive up, rather than on a night during their work week. It worked out perfectly because Mal finished her nap just as people arrived, and she was so sweet natured and focused on her gifts and cake. She didn't want to blow out the candle, so Bethany helped her out. We all enjoyed it. Brad and I felt sorry that for the pictures of her 2nd birthday she had bumps and stuff around her mouth and on her skin from the virus, but we think she's still just adorable.


Deon said...

Happy Birthday! I love all the pictures of your family. We miss you!

Tricia said...

These girls are sooo precious! Isn't amazing how they can look so different and come from the same two parents? Mallory's hair is a wonder to behold! And I love Bethany's long, wavy locks.
How fun.